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Shall We Dance?

Poem written by Sr Mary Clare Stack for the feast of the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple.

“Shall we dance?”

“O, yes, dear Anna” for ‘my eyes have seen the salvation of our God….a light of revelation to the Gentiles’.”

“Who would have believed that, in our old age, God would have shown us such favour!”

“But, dear Simeon, it is not meant for just you and me. You are I are missioned to ‘praise God and speak about the Child to all who are looking for the redemption of Israel’.”

“Then, dear Anna, we must dance with the Child”. The father and mother, in utter amazement, watched, listened, pondered- “What is this Child to become?”

And His mother remembered, “Who am I that the mother of my Lord, should come to visit me?” Quietly, as they danced, holding the Child reverently between them, Simeon gazed with love on the Child and, with tears in his eyes, bent into Anna and whispered, “This Child is destined for the rise and the fall of many in Israel”.

They both looked at the young woman, whose heart was bursting with joy, who as yet, had not grasped the ominous words, “Your own soul a sword shall pierce”. Together, they wept.

“Simeon, we must give the Child back to his parents.” Together, in the silence of their hearts, they saw a world torn by strife, division, hunger and greed; a Man crucified for embracing his God-given mission to: BE LOVE, BE MERCY, BE FORGIVENESS, BE HOPE, BE RECONCILIATION, BE LIFE BE LIGHT.

Together they prayed,

“Now you are dismissing your servants in peace, according to your word; for our eyes have seen your salvation which you have prepared in the presence of ALL PEOPLES, a LIGHT for revelation to the Gentiles and the glory of your people, Israel”.

And, as I listened in the silence of my heart, I could hear God say,

“Shall we dance?”

Edmonton, february 2022

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