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The Superior General and her council

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The General Chapter which is being held at Loquirec in July 2015, proceeded with the elecdtions as forseen in the Book of Life

The Superior General elected by the Chapter governs the Congregation with five general councillors.

Sr Mercedes LOPEZ, Spanish, Superior General (2nd mandate)
Sr Jeannette ADONDOMA, Cameroonian
Sr Dominique BENHADDOU, French
Sr Hilary BROWN, Scottish
Sr Miriam NAVARRETE, Chilean
Sr Cécilia ROGEL, Chilean

Hilary, Cecilia, Dominique, Jeannette, Miriam, Mercedes

Since the General Chapter 2010, the UJ Sisters received approval from the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life in Rome, to live "ad experimentum", the Chapter decisions for five years.

Sr Colette

Sr Colette NAUD, General Bursar, is also a member of this community at general level.

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The address of the Generalate is 65, rue Notre Dame des Champs 75006 PARIS

In addition, a small community of two French sisters reside in the same house.