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The Incarnation a "school" of life

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The Incarnation : a "school" of life

As for the first « portal », this proposal could be the object of several meetings, with all freedom, starting from different points …

A time of welcome…

A word from Fr. Baudouin :

Our experience of school ! What does the word school evoke in us ?

For Fr. Baudouin, the Incarnation is :
First of all a school of life whose master is Jesus :
« It is Jesus that I want you to imitate… ». (Letter 1 January. 1825)

The place of the school, is daily life.

It is «the here and now » in the life of each day, of our houses, of our families, our communities, of our professional lives, of our relationships… it is there that we bring about this « copying », this « imitation » of Jesus, according to the expressions of Fr. Baudouin, or again, acccording to the words of the Gospel, this journey in the footsteps of Jesus.

It would be helpful to read the letter of Fr. Baudouin of 1st January 1825 to get a better understanding of the meaning he gives to the expression :
« It is Jesus that I want you to copy. »

Testimonies from a COMMON TREASURE

We become « disciples at the school of the Incarnation » with a master : « the Word Incarnate, our Lord and Master », with a mistress : « Mary, our good mother and mistress» (PR 10), under the guidance de L.M. Baudouin.

The spirituality of the Incarnation, is the Spirit of Jesus living within the situations and life conditions lived by women and men of today ; hence the need to discover it.

See events as paths of the Incarnation. Live close to people ; « being with » in simplicity, as Jesus on the roads of humanity : « it is Jesus that I want you to copy ».

At the school of the Word Incarnate where Jesus came close to us, he became our companion on the journey.

The Incarnation is a hidden mystery. It is always urging us to search, to find his presence in daily life.

It is a school to rediscover each morning.

To live the Incarnation, it is to open our eyes before the events of each day in order to perceive the urgencies, the first signs of life, ready to give our lives, whatever we can bring.

To live « the here and now » of what the Lord shows us through events..

What word touches me in this testimony? Why?

Word of God : « A mustard seed to chew »

Jesus our companion on the road

Lk 24, 13-35 : On the road to Emmaus
- An unknown companion on the road,
- A sharing of the word,
- The breaking of bread

Some things to practice

I take a little time each day or two /three times a week, according to what I choose.

To once more see the faces that I have met and how I have welcomed them.

To re look at the events which were « signs of life » for me

I take these faces, these events into my prayer…

A gesture : I look around me to see if I can give some time to a person who is in need of help or a visit.