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Edmonton : Sr Helen pronounces first vows

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The Sisters of the Missionary Reality of Canada, family members, "charism friends" and close acquaintances of Sr. Helen Pinto, u.j. rejoice with her as she pronounces first vows in the presence of Sr. Mercedes Lopez, superior general, at St. Joseph Basilica in Edmonton, the 19th of September, 2014.

The celebration was especially beautiful because of the presence of Sr. Catherine Ryan, who accompanied Helen during her canonical year novitiate in London, England, and Sr. Hazel Dalton, delegated general councillor for the Reality.

Sr. Mercedes Lopez, U.J., congregational leader, receives her vows

We are deeply grateful to God who has placed in Helen’s heart the call to "contemplate, celebrate, live and announce the mystery of the Incarnation", and we trust that "The Year of Consecrated Life" will be a special time of grace in which many others will answer God’s call to live their lives as Ursulines of Jesus within the Missionary Reality of Canada and wherever else God will send them.