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Sisters living in the world

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"Today, as in the early days of the Congregation, the love of Christ spurs us on to look at the pressing needs of the time in order to be at the service of life"

Two hundred years of journeying in the Church. We responded first of all
to the needs of the French dioceses, then in response to events in history,
we crossed frontiers.
At a time when the Church called for the evangelisation of all peoples, we, like many others, went to Africa and the Americas.

And the mission continues. Mission of Incarnation, of presence, of being inserted in the middle of a people, being close to them, in solidarity with human and christian communities

Mission of Incarnation, which, after the example of our founders, makes us constantly aware of the poorest people. In the schools, in the areas, the villages, the associations, the sisters have awakened in people the desire to live by the same spirit of the Incarnation which animates them…..

We could not keep this treasure for ourselves.

Today, it gives life to men and women, young people, and families.
In Chile in 2001 lay people celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the foundation of the first fraternity of the Incarnation. Other fraternities, and similar groups, live by the spirituality of the Incarnation in France, and also in other countries.

Together, in the Congregation every five years, we look back at the road we have travelled, and, letting ourselves be guided by the Holy Spirit, we discern the orientations which take priority;

"Dare to take another step forward to live more in unity, following the example of the Gospel.
Live the richness of internationality……….."

Women of communication, risking the step towards interculturality
Women of compassion, let us set out with the excluded
Women of contemplation, let us reveal the God of life…"…"(General Chapter Orientations 1995)