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Retreat at Carey’s Cove

"I’ve attached reflections written by two of the women who participated in a vocational discernment retreat, April 26-28, 2013 at "Carey’s Cove" (our cottage on Pigeon Lake). It was a time of silence and personal prayer, reflections based on Sacred Scripture, the writings of Louis-Marie and Charlotte, group prayer, discussion, a time to enjoy the gift of nature and, of course, good food. I will forward a couple of photos in a separate document. The group was very ethnically diverse: 1 Mexican, 1 Korean, 3 Filippinas and myself!" Sr Mary Clare Stack

I have been to couple times at Carey’s Cove for retreat. Every time we were there, we couldn’t be happier.

Every time we spent weekend, we had such an amazing experience.

Everyone has her own reason: In today’s world, a lot of people feel desperately out of balance. I am one of those individuals. Often when we’re struggle with problems, the real issue is with our neglected spiritual growth. We need to a spiritual healing to get back us in touch with our own heart and soul, and to get right again with God.

Life is challenging and we don’t often have time to savor the moment, enjoy a sunset, or simply sit in the midst of spectacular landscape humbled by the magnificence of nature. We all need a quiet place of beauty, peacefulness and serenity to just sit and think or simply breathe, pray or meditate- Carey’s Cove allows us to hear the still, small voice that speaks from the depth of our soul.

This time six of us went to Carey’s Cove. It was such a great opportunity to share stories and learn from each other, to celebrate one’s own soul’s discoveries, and how these revelations will enhance the magic of one’s day to day life.

During the retreat we talked about topics that everyone will question at some point of one’s life-to know about one’s true self. While we were sharing each other stories, we had a chance to know oneself, love oneself, accept oneself, knowing a new direction in one’s life.

Every time I have been at Carey’s Cove, I have experienced beginning to look inside rather than outside of myself, and how this reflection will be visible on a daily basis and into the future.

If I have chance, I would love to go retreat with wonderful sisters again in the future.

Thank you so much for Sr. Mary Clare and thank you so much, Helen, for inviting us to Carey’s Cove. God bless.

Sumi (South Korea)