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Reccognition for the consecrated women religious of the Archidiocese of Edmonton

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A very special day for the Ursulines of Jesus

Dec.6, 2019 was a very special day for the Consecrated Women of the Archdioceses of Edmonton and especially for the Ursulines of Jesus. After many years of delays and suggestions, the Sisters were invited to Newman Theological College for the unveiling of a beautiful stained glass picture of the Annunciation with a placque along side.

This was to thank all the Religious of the Dioceses, past and present for the support and work they have done over many years for Newman Theological College, St. Joseph’s Seminary and the Diocese.

As Chairperson of the Council of Consecrated Woman Hazel Dalton UJ, was part of the unveiling ceremony. She also gave a vote of thanks to the College, Seminary and Diocese for this fitting tribute to the Consecrated Religious Women.

Hazel Dalton and Ann Christine were present for the unveiling and were very proud because the chosen words to accompany the Annunciation were written in 2007 by Sr Geraldine Kelly when the process first started.

“Love of the Word of God is a daily source of inspiration and strength for women religious in whatever ministry we serve today. It nourishes our commitment to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and renews us in our desire to announce the Good News by our lives.”

Sr. Geraldine Kelly, Ursuline of Jesus, 2007, as the Women Religious Chair in Scripture Studies was established.

After the unveiling we went across the garden to the Seminary for the Celebration of the Eucharist. This was followed by a very good lunch and gave us an opportunity to mingle and chat to the other sisters present.