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Provincial Chapter United Kingdom/Ireland


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We were truly spoiled both with the weather and the venue as we began our Chapter.

Fifty five of us arrived at the High Leigh Centre on 24th July, 2009, with Fr. Marcel Berthomé FMI and Srs. Espérance Boutin and Marie- Josèph Remaud from the French Province. It was also a joy to have with us some of our Associates from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
Three days of Retreat, animated by Fr. Marcel set the tone for our Chapter which was to follow. These were to be grace filled days where we were able to reflect, meditate, pray with Scripture texts, words of Louis Marie Baudouin, some writings of St. Anselm and St. John of the Cross.

The work of the Chapter strove to continue in this same vein and with zeal, in a spirit of discernment.

Sharing the Samaritan Way

Each community in a touching, meaningful way presented their mission, this included ‘Stella Maris’ our house for our elderly and sick sisters who presented through a video recording. These were precious moments for us all.

Certain moments were set aside, to live an experience of heart- felt reconciliation, and to express through the use of images and symbols our desire for a change of heart and the renewal of our consecration to Jesus, Word Incarnate.

There were also moments of relaxation which gave rise to smiles and bursts of laughter throughout the house!

Finally the message of the Chapter says: ‘We heard the call and we were moved to return to The School of the Incarnation, School of Love.’

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