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Our Charism

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Stage by stage

Following in the footsteps of our founders,

Louis-Marie Baudouin

Charlotte-Gabrielle Ranfray

we are dazzled by the beauty of the mystery of Jesus, Incarnate Word.

Meeting in Canada :
4 faces = 4 nationalities

"The Word was made flesh
and dwells among us"

" Moved by the Spirit of the Incarnate Word
we are sent out
in the footsteps of Jesus
who came to live in the world and reveal the Father
to proclaim that God is love
together, listening for his Word
in love freely given to all
poor in all things and close to the poor
walking before Him
in the fraternal life of a community."
Book of Life UJ1

Every 5 years the Congregation evaluates the road we have travelled during an International Assembly, called a Chapter.

In 1990

The orientations we adopted said:

If we are attentive to the life of the world
if we let ourselves be converted
moved by the breath of the Spirit,
patience and compassion
strength and daring
will be awakened in us
so that we can go forward together
towards evangelical SOLIDARITY
with a preferential option for the poor."

We will seek the presence of God with us.
We will be the face of Christ in the world.
We shall show that humanity
is destined to become
a people reconciled with God,
a people living in sistery and brotherly communion,
Mystery of the Covenant.

In 1995

Allow the salt of the Gospel
to permeate our cultures,
and give savour to our religious life
so that we will be witnesses to the Gospel
by our very being, by the Word and through action"

Women of contemplation
Let us reveal the God of Life!

Women of compassion
Let us set out with the excluded!

Women of communication
Let us risk the step towards interculturality!

These projects invite us:
to allow ourselves to be impregnated with the gift of our founders,
to live happily as women in the world of today,
to be more aware of the implications of globalisation.

In 2000

"Go to Galilee
It is there you will find him"

Moved by the Spirit of Jesus the Incarnate Word
and in response to his call
we set out
to search and discern together
our Galilee places.

It is urgent:to enlarge our tent,
to open our doors in fidelity to the Gospel,
to allow the breath of the Spirit to renew us,
to create all things anew
in our following of Jesus.

Let us go to Galilee…
and let us journey towards a deeper life
of internationality and interculturality,
among ourselves and with others...

Let us go to Galilee…
and go out to meet the migrants.
They are "the Crucified" at all our crossroads.

Let us go to Galilee…
And pitch our tent
among the marginalised of the world.

Following Jesus the Incarnate Word,
with the audacity of Louis-Marie Baudouin, exiled in Spain,
of Charlotte-Gabrielle Ranfray, who dared leave the security of the cloister,
in an attitiude of discipleship,
we let ourselves be taught by the people among whom we are inserted,
and by the Spirit of Jesus revealed through life today,
and we shall discern significant moves.

Let us go to Galilee…
Women of the Incarnation,
we are called to care for life,
to help it to grow,
to recreate life where it is threatened,
so that present and future generations,
may receive a creation which is more beautiful and bountiful…

Creation is a gift
which we receive each day to share,
to give back to the Creator

Let us go to Galilee…

Let us live this spirituality
share it and encourage it
this is our great treasure!

After the example
of Carmen, let us listen to Marie-Helene, our Superior General, who leads us towards the Chapter.

The God of the Incarnation
Jesus, the Living Word
who came
so that we may all
have Life and Life in abundance!