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Leafing through an album of postcards

The Life of Fr. Baudouin

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A fter taking a tour of the site ‘FAMILY OF THE INCARNATION’, I really didn’t find much about the founder of this family.
However, it is without doubt not necessary to put on line a complete biography, but I said to some others that perhaps it would be possible to tell a little on line, of one or another incidents in the life of our Father Founder.

We perhaps will also be able to imagine a more life-giving face of Fr. Baudouin.

  • For example, we are able to recount how he had to be rushed to the priest of Montaigu to be urgently baptised for they thought he would not survive the day … then he had 70 years of life !
  • Why did Fr. Baudouin go after ordination to St. Malo ? Or why as a schoolboy, did he play truant ?
  • And the story of a child so lacking in progress and naughty, whose naughtiness indicated that he had not been validly baptised.
  • And the Sunday where with alb, cord and stole, he left the church of Chavagnes, after the Gospel, to be with the cabaret across the road, the men who were in the habit of passing the time of the sermon there … ‘ You are not preaching today, Father?, … ‘Of course I am, but as it is to you that I wish to preach ….’
  • And how he reacted when Mgr Paillou had suppressed the little congregation of ‘Children of Mary’.
  • Or again,what occasion allowed him to feeling as Jesus had, at the time of his Passion, in the midst of the soldiers who insulted and ridiculed him?
  • And why the sister who was in charge of his linen had to hide the key to his wardrobe ?
  • And what is it, this vow of purity of faith?

It has given me an idea : That all those who read this article send their reactions and suggestions to the Redaction Team of the Family. And why not also the text or more simply the rough draft of a little account of an episode they like ?

Fr. Pierre REMAUD, Ste Marie- Chavagnes