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Integrating in a new culture

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From Chili to Canada

Your incarnation Lord Jesus carries my weight; carries my weight in this, such a different, reality, in this adventure. The sisters have welcomed me in everyday life events, looking for ways to help me in this integration; in this long journey that sometimes is difficult not only for those who arrive but also for those who receive the newly arrived. Emotional stability is a challenge and it is difficult to recognize and accept differences. In my case there has been a constant learning, starting from learning the language to accepting climatic changes. Learning to see with admiration the unknown, the different, a lot of times with nostalgia but also with hope.

I feel part that I am part of this missionary reality with these sisters who, day by day, respond to the Lord in daily life. We have lived beautiful and gratifying moments, and also painful ones. That’s life! It is the Lord’s way that sustains our family.

Another life generating experience for me has been the time studying a new language at CCI-LEX. These months have been a time of studying, sharing, and meeting a lot of people with different realities and varied cultural backgrounds.

I give thanks to the Lord for those months that I lived here in Canada. Thank you to the Philippino Families who have welcomed me with open arms. Thank you to Lesley for her generosity and patience. Thank you to Tatiana, one of my teachers at CCI-LEX.

Sr Maria-Ilia Pastenes, UdJ