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Huge fire in our province of Alberta

Hazel’s mail

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Dear Sisters,

Thank you very much for your prayers and concern over the huge fire in our province. There are so many people from all over the country who work in Ft. McMurray and many of their houses have been burned to the ground. It is still burning wildly and is expected to even double in size tomorrow because of the very, very dry conditions and the wind. They say the fire is covers an area bigger than most cities now. We have a number of friends who work there and I have two nephews who work there – one lives there and the other flies into a camp for a week and then back home for a week. The one who lives there was evacuated to Edmonton at the beginning of the danger and he doesn’t know yet if his condo is still standing. They cannot go back into the city and there isn’t anyone to tell him what is happening. The other fellow flies directly into the camp which is quite a ways out of Ft. McMurray so he is not affected by the fire. It brings it very close to home.

There have been about 90,000 persons evacuated to Edmonton and the people of the city are pouring out with generosity to provide food and places to stay. We have given a generous donation to the Red Cross who are looking after helping people with their immediate needs. It is the worst fire we have ever experienced in Alberta. I know you can read about it on line so each day you can see how bad it is. The only relief will be heavy rain and there is nothing like that in the forecast.

Thank you for your prayers and support – the consequences of this will be terrible in terms of homes for the people and will there be any employment when it is all over. People are anxiously saying “what next”. Children are trying to fit into different schools in Edmonton so that they do now lose out on the school year but many are traumatized by what they have seen and lived. Please continue to hold our people in your prayers.

United in love and prayers-

Hazel and the sisters of Canada

Mail 09/05/16 03:36