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Edmonton : the feast of Consacrated Life

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The 2nd of February is the feast of the presentation of Jesus in the Temple. In 1997, John Paul II declared it as a day of prayer for Consecrated life.

The Archidiocese of Edmonton celebrated Mass in Saint Joseph Basilica on that day for Consecrated life. Richard Smith, the Archbishop presided at the Mass which took place with the parish on the 2nd of February at 5:00. Following are some extracts from his homely :
Sometimes we may hear it said that obedience to the Word of God is a great burden that serves only to weigh us down and limit our freedom. Women and men religious teach us by their witness that this is simply not true. (.). His Word does not bind, it liberates ; it does not weight down, it lifts up ; it gives rise not to sadness but to joy ! (.) Their free and joyful embrace of the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity and obedience stands as an encouragement to all of us to remain focused upon the words of our Beloved Lord, to allow them to transform our lives completely, and to follow without condition wherever they lead. "

Religious renewing their vows before the offertory

Sunday the 3rd, the French-speaking parish St Thomas d’Aquin marked also the feast of Consecrated Life. Religious had prepared it with the pastor, Father Daniel, who is also religious. The Mass took place during the parish Mass at 11:00 on Sunday. Musicians and singers contributed at the beauty of this special event.
Sr Gisèle, from Daughters of Jesus, Kermaria gave a witness at the homely. Everyone listened to her very attentively and she received applause at the end. Thank you Sr Gisèle.

Religious around Father Daniel, receiving the benediction from the congregation at the end of mass.

Sr Mary Clare et Sr Catherine