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Charism Friends - Canada Wedding Bells

Dianne, one of our Charism Friends was preparing for her wedding. Her fiancé, John lived in New York and she lives in Edmonton. John is a University theology student and Dianne works for Catholic Social Services.
Because funds were not abundant, they decided to have cake and coffee for their wedding reception. So our Charism Friends decided to bring the lunch for the reception and the Ursulines of Jesus provided a huge wedding cake. There was enough lunch for the 200 guests. The following is the thank-you not from Dianne and John:

Dear Charism Friends

What a treasure it is to have friends who step forward in love and service at these most precious times in our life. There are so many great things the Lord has done for us in our relationship and leading us to this wonderful day we shared with friends. But one of the greatest things we will remember is the gift of love and service from our Charism Friends (yes, “OUR” Charism Friends), as John is looking forward to joining us when he is able to move here. Thank you for providing the food and refreshments for our guests, for your love, support and prayers, and for your presence. Thank you for Mass intentions and beautiful cards. You have been a living example of the Incarnation. You were “the Word made flesh and dwelling among us”on October 8, 2011.
Thank you all so much,

Love, Dianne and John.