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Chapter balances work and relaxation (2)

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It is ten days since the opening of the Chapter: intense days of work, searching, decisions, listening, reflection... It was time to take a rest!

T he second part of our marine adventure is approaching places where we can observe the wildlife, especially the white leso birds that abound on this island: these birds called bassan fools(they have journeyed from the Bass Rock off North Berwick, Scotland) need to jump into the air so as to spread their huge wings. Incredible !

We could contemplate other species of birds and a seal that looked at as indifferenty form it’s rock.

The journey is over and we felt the need to have something to eat: during the picnic, we have many impressions to share, on what we had experienced so intensely during morning !


After community coffee, we continue our journey with our driver/guide who showed us some beautiful places, the pride of the region such as a ‘menhir’, a view of the rocks at low tide and a beautiful beach where we could swim or paddle.

The day ended after dinner with a time of thanksgiving prayer. We are ready to face the first day of elections in peace and silence.