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Canada : Sister Gabrielle celebrated her 99th birthday on

Congratulations Sister Gabrielle!

"We are missionaries to the end of our days"
(Dwelling Place Community Missionary Project)

Gabrielle Tellier celebrated her 99th birthday on the June 19. In the Providence Infirmary, she is truly a missionary of the Incarnate Word. The staff love her for her gentleness, her wonderful smile and she never complains no matter how much her head aches - and she does suffer from badhead aches.She doesn’t talk very much but she does not need to, her smile radiates the love of God to all who visit her or go to care for her.

In the morning, Elsie and I went over to join the sisters in the infirmary. In the afternoon we brought her over to Dwelling Place 2 where the Uj’s gatheredand had another party. Isabelle, Gaby’s niece joined us.It was a very relaxed and joyful time and Gaby enjoyed it all, as you can see in the photos.