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Canada : Helen novice Ursuline of Jesus

Through the process of “Come and See” and Postulancy, and to experience life within community, I have further discovered my love for Religious Life. Having journeyed with the Sisters in the Missionary reality of Canada, I feel comfortable and at home in Religious Life; my prayer life, my spiritual life have deepened.

I was transformed and focused on my vocation, living a balanced life by giving time to reflection, meditation, reading, adoration, ministry in the church, community life and my work at the pharmacy. I have come to understand the meaning of the Incarnation, the charism that drew me to join The Ursulines of Jesus, that is God becoming flesh in Jesus who lives in us and among us.

I n a community of sharing what we have and who we are, the “Come and See” and Postulancy have both purified and deepened my love for Jesus –“Jesus Only”. This experience has also deepened my love for the Sisters who live and incarnate that love through the Spirituality of our founder, Louis-Marie Baudouin. I look back on this time with gratitude and I look forward in hope to continuing my journey with Jesus, the Incarnate Word as an Ursuline of Jesus.

Helen PINTO, novice Ursuline of Jesus