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Chapter balances work and relaxation (1)

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It is ten days since the opening of the Chapter: intense days of work, searching, decisions, listening, reflection... It was time to take a rest!

16th JULY 2015

Taking advantage of the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, we leave the Loquirec peninsula for a day on the Brittany coast, and enjoyed some beautiful sunshine.

This was not a long journey, but the landscape and villages we passed through were beautiful. We boarded for a boat trip the nature reserve of "Seven Islands" which is home to important bird colonies..

The boat crossing with the sea wind and water spray have awakened the sailor in us.

We are in the land of granite, marked with huge grey and pink rock formations, that no doubt also mark the character of the people. .

The Economic Team

The international economic team, presented its report with most informative slides, facilitating our understanding of the major issues of concern..